I work with luxury hotels and B&Bs that are committed to becoming sustainable, eco-friendly and want to improve their vegan offerings, whilst embracing their unique style and reputation.

The luxury travel sector is responding to consumer needs; eco luxe is moving into the mainstream.

 I understand that every location is different and we work to provide a personalised and tailored service. 

I'm not only dedicated to my work, I also see the bigger picture - the more businesses take responsibility and promote sustainable living, the better it will be for our planet and the future generations who will live on it.


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  • A non-vegan or non-vegetarian hotel can still cater to vegan guests, and luxury hotels in particular should be focused on providing a unique experience.
  • Showcasing your dedication to sustainable practices will attract a wider range of clientele who want to make positive choices where they can.
  • I help hotels and resorts become more vegan-friendly and sustainable, so they can stay on top of current long-term trends and attract more guests as a result.