Receive a monthly press release template and topic suggestions designed to get you featured in the press!

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I'll send you a fill in the blanks press template along with topic suggestions a couple of months in advance, so you you can start to schmooze those journalists well in advance of those awareness days.

This option is exclusively for vegan businesses, so I can ensure that what we send you is appropriately targeted, especially for your niche.

On the first working day of every month, you'll receive your pitch template, along with your topic suggestions and list of awareness days - remember we're working on being an early bird, so in April, you'll get what will be relevant in June.

If you sign up before this, you'll be sent the current template that the pack recieved at the begining of the month

There will also be a Private Facebook group available so we can get to know each other and Rachida will be popping in to run through each email sent to you every month.

 Sign up ready to receive your bundle of PR goodness!