Does your content need a little TLC?


Did you know that the right copy attracts your dream clients, draws your tribe towards you and makes your business stand out from competitors? I’m sure you did. But… creating copy and content is easier said than done, right?

 Have you made a start and put together an about page, but it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi?

     Oh la la.

 I'm Rachida - your power copy coach. 

I'm Rachida - your power copy coach. 

Is your sales page live but far from alive and kicking because it’s just not converting? Perhaps you can’t seem to get your message across through your writing and feel frustrated because your message deserves to be heard the world over!

 After you’ve slogged away and worked hard to create your content, the last thing you want to do is pay somebody to start from scratch. Perhaps you know it needs a severe tweaking, but just feel utterly overwhelmed and want to spend time working on the parts of your business that, quite simply light you up.

Chin up, love. It doesn’t have to be like that. There is another way.

My Power Copy Coaching Package is exactly what you need to bring all the clients to your yard…


I want to help you feel mighty about your website and copy, because what you write up there is so important. My power coaching package allows me to not only critique the copy you've written, but also help guide you in how to avoid making the same mistakes again. As an experienced copywriter and editor, I want to guide you into crafting effective, authentic copy that sells.

You know how everyone always tells you to envision your dream client? Well imagine her clicking on to your website – taking a look at your content and feeling pretty lacklustre about the whole thing.

 What I can help you with is creating amazing content that will not only engage your reader, but will encourage her to do exactly what you want, whether it's opt in to your newsletter, buy a specific product or sign up to one of your courses.

 Now imagine her landing on your super-duper website and really connecting with what you are telling her. She’s reading your about page and is impressed with your journey and can relate to it.            

She's having a peek at the your story page and is loving getting to know the real you. She’s read your copy, and what you’ve described really resonates with her.  She feels like you wrote this just for her. She’s ready to click that button.

    Are you?

 If this sounds like the kind of thing you need help with – I would be proud to get your copy shipshape and Bristol fashion. If you’re not British, what I mean is:

I’d be proud to help you create some amazing copy to supercharge your business.

For an investment of just $299, you can have compelling, effective, personal copy that speaks to exactly who you want it to.

Is it a ‘yes’ from you?



This is for you if:

• You want to spend less time on writing content and more time on other aspects of your business or life.

• You want to learn suitable techniques and tips that will increase your sales, and reduce your stress.

• You've already written your copy but aren't seeing enough results.

What happens next:

• Click the button below and email me your requirements.

• I'll then send you an electronic invoice .

• Once payment is received, I’ll email you a questionnaire so I can gather more information about you and your business.

• Please return this to me, along with your copy (up to 1,000 words) as soon as you can.

• Then, after 7 days you’ll receive your review, straight into your inbox.

• We then can chat about your copy in further detail during our 20-minute Skype discussion.

• Once you’ve had chance to implement your changes, it’s time to catch up once more for your final 20-minute Skype chat to see how you’ve got on and review your progress.

• Now you finally have the effective and compelling copy you know will connect with your clients, you've had the guidance of a professional who understands your struggles and you have learnt information and know-how to put everything you've learnt into practise in the future.



My Power Coaching Package will take your copy from zero to über-hero. But don't just take my word for it: