Is your hotel ready?

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There's been a 700% growth in the number of vegans in the UK in just two years - the number 1 trend of 2018 is one that is going to stay - so don't allow your hotel to miss out on tapping into this emerging sustainability sector. 

By catering to vegans and flexitarians, this will put your hotel or B&B on the sustainable and vegan-friendly map - meaning more guests and more revenue for you!

Discover how to attract more environmentally-inclined guests and become a sustainable authority.

I work with hotels to help them become more vegan-friendly and sustainable and I've created this report to offer you practical advice and simple steps to take.

Download my free guide to find out more!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to embrace the change we're seeing all over the world.

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Understand the market

  • Statistics show that sustainability is at the forefront of people's minds, thanks to the power of the internet and the might of the media.
  • Veganism is an essential part of a sustainable focus, and the surge in the lifestyle means hotels and restaurants have to make changes.
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Anticipate what guests need

  • Guests that are vegan want to feel like they  are not missing out and that they are fully accommodated for.
  • They desire a culinary  experience that represents your establishment in the same way that non-vegan guests can enjoy.
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Put together a strategy

  • A non-vegan hotel can still cater to vegan  guests, and luxury hotels in particular should  be focused on providing a unique experience.
  • Showcasing your dedication to sustainable  practices will attract a wider range of clientele who want to make positive choices where they can.