Do you want to see your name in print?


Imagine what it would feel like to see your article on The Huffington Post, in Cosmopolitan or a national newspaper. Can you feel that excitement in the pit of your stomach? Imagine seeing your name as a published author. Now picture yourself sharing your success with your friends, family and clients. 

If you're dedicated to putting the effort in to raising your business profile and taking your writing to the next level, you need to get published online, in print or both. It not only adds credibility to your business, blog or website, but when you finally see your very own article in a magazine, it gives you a wonderful sense of achievement – trust me, I know. But it can also be pretty tricky to get your writing ‘out there’ into the big, scary world of publishing, never mind getting over writer’s block. What should you write about? How can you get started? What do you do with something you’ve actually written and where should you send it?


How many times have you sat at your computer and stared at a blank screen? Do you have an idea that keeps going round and round in your head but never makes it on to the page? Perhaps you’ve written something and hidden it away because you didn’t have the confidence to move forward with your project.

Whatever sector you work in, being published adds a certain credibility to you and your work. People are impressed! And more than just that, it is a fantastic way to springboard into more publicity and get in front of the people you want to reach. Pretty cool, huh?


I want to tell you that this is a completely possible and realistic dream to have, and if you’re serious about your business or your love of writing, you need to commit and get your voice out there!

 Rachida (n): Writer, Creative, Hummus-lover, Cat Mother

Rachida (n): Writer, Creative, Hummus-lover, Cat Mother

I’m Rachida, a copywriter and journalist, and I’ve worked in publishing for almost 10 years. Not only does that make me feel rather old, it also makes me feel pretty certain that I know all about the writing process, and what comes after.

I’ve written in a range of different publications covering all sorts of topics, from European affairs, to lifestyle pieces to business and ethics. Writing is my life and I love the sense of pride I get when I see my name in print, even now.

In my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve come across so many lovely people who feel lost, lack confidence and don’t have faith in themselves when it comes to writing. They are overwhelmed, think it’s not for them and decide to focus on growing their business in another way.

So listen up! I want to tell you that you can get published. Yes you can! And I’m going to show you how.

My 4-week Get Published! course is a practical, friendly and fun way to cure your fear of writing once and for all and learn the skills you need to become a published writer.

We'll work together to find your voice, get clear on your ideal readership, hone in on the type of articles you should be writing, perfect your pitch and I’ll also reveal my secret to make sure you stand out from the pile and get those editors’ attention.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Each week we will focus on a new topic, which will be broken down into bite-sized, easy to swallow chunks
  • You can also email me if you want to discuss something privately - course-related of course!
  • You’ll have workbooks, tip sheets and tasks to complete to get you on the right path from the very beginning

The breakdown:

Week 1: Finding Your Voice and Getting Clear on Your Message

  • Find and develop your own writing style
  • Discover exactly what you want to say and who you want to say it to
  • How you can create inspiring content that speaks to 'your crowd'
  • How to write in a way that captivates your dream clients, attracting them to you and your business

Week 2: From Concept to Content

    • Learn how to get your idea out of your head and on to the page
    • All the skills you need to create a perfectly crafted piece of copy
    • What you need to know to position yourself as an expert in your field

    Week 3: Promoting Your Presence

    • Discover how to get more visibility and online connections
    • How your social media can help you develop a tribe
    • How to use your uniqueness to establish yourself as a brand and writer

    Week 4: PR and The Perfect Pitch

    • Learn how to get in front of editors - and keep their attention
    • My no-fail tips on how to get a positive response from a publication
    • Get pitching down to an art form: exactly what you need to say, and why
    • Free ways to get publicity for your business

    It's time for you to experience the kudos of being published, build your tribe and business through your writing and learn how to create effective, engaging and authentic copy. Don't miss out on this opportunity to use your fear as a springboard to writing success!

    What you need to know:

    • Doors open 14 November 
    • Content will be delivered straight into your inbox every week day for 4 weeks
    • For an investment of just $127, let me help you gain confidence and the skills you need to achieve your goal and get published


    Have a question? I have an answer! Find me at