5 ways to make your hotel more sustainable and vegan-friendly

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There's been a 700% growth in the number of vegans in the UK in just two years - the number 1 trend of 2018 is one that is going to stay and it's important that the hospitality industry takes this on board in order to tap into this emerging sustainability sector. By catering to vegans and flexitarians, this will put hotels or B&Bs that cater for different requirements on the sustainable and vegan-friendly map - meaning more guests and ultimately more revenue.

We with hotels to help them become more sustainable, and here are our top 5 ways for hotels to support environmentally-conscious and vegan guests:

1) Vegan guests want to feel like they are not missing out and that they are fully accommodated for, so focus on creating a culinary experience that represents your establishment in the same way that non-vegan guests can enjoy.

2) They also want to be able to use suitable bathroom amenities, and feel assured that their hotel room is free from feather down and other non-vegan materials. Are your products suitable for vegans and cruelty-free? 

3) The turn down service is another chance to provide a suitable chocolate that shows your hotel has considered the smallest of details for your vegan guests.

4) Breakfast and meal times are an ideal opportunity to showcase your kitchen's creativity, so your guests can dine in comfort and style, with breakfast being more than a fruit platter and black coffee.

5) Room service options should include healthy, clearly labelled options that are suitable for vegans and those reducing their animal product consumption.

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