We are a small, boutique, family-run agency based on vegan and ethical values. We're proud to forge the way in helping luxury and sustainable brands get the reach they deserve, whilst helping them find their voice through our content services. 

Green V PR & Creative is a forward-thinking, family-run digital marketing agency that is based on vegan values. Founder and CEO Rachida has spent the last 10 years working in editorial, whilst at the same time building her own brand The Green V, in the form of a luxury vegan travel & lifestyle blog. 

After working on a freelance basis for three years as a journalist, editor and copywriter, whilst having the pleasure of building a solid database of publishing and business contacts from all over the world, Rachida decided it was time to separate her blog from her professional work, and create her own agency, with a full focus on helping luxury brands and companies that share her way of thinking.


Founder, CEO and head of PR & content, Rachida is a British writer and journalist based between the UK and Belgium. She's dedicated to finding the most luxurious and cruelty-free products to promote and her goal is to show that a vegan and cruelty-free life can be luxurious, with high-end travel, food, fashion, cosmetics and more! Rachida writes for The Huffington Post and is a columnist for award-winning Vegan Food & Living Magazine. Rachida has moderated a debate on plant-based meat alternatives at The European Parliament, and was a guest at Italy's most prestigious vegan event, Vegan Days, and presented a 45 minute speech on Contemporary Veganism and how the fashion and hospitality industries can react to the growing awareness. Rachida is currently writing her first book, Green is the New Black: How to Live a Cruelty-Free & Luxurious Life, as well as a series of vegan destination guides following her work with premium hotels and restaurants around Europe. 

Working alongside her small team, she is focused on helping boutque and luxury hotels become more sustainable and vegan-friendly, and wants to promote a green and ethical lifestyle that is still luxurious and high-end.

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Green V PR & Creative is the culmination of a desire to make a positive difference in the world by supporting businesses and organisations that have the ability to create a sustainable practice, thus creating momentum and awareness from the roots up. We know that it is perfectly possible to live a fabulously elegant, luxurious lifestyle whilst incorporating a conscious and eco-friendly way of thinking and we're proud to devote our time to getting the very best results for our clients.

As with our sister site, TheGreenV.com, we are here to break the stereotype of sustainability and we want to support businesses that share our passion for sustainable luxury.