We believe that ethical brands are the future

which is why we do what we do


Our clients know we understand their customers and their values

we know what's important

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Because sustainablity can also be chic

and who doesn't want to look after the planet?

We work with luxury brands and businesses that are committed to being sustainable, eco-friendly and of course, kind to animals. 

The luxury sector is responding to consumer needs; eco luxe is moving into the mainstream.

At Green V PR & Creative, we understand that every client is different and we work to provide a personalised and tailored service. 

Our team of experts are not only dedicated to their work, they also see the bigger picture - the more businesses take responsibility and promote sustainable living, the better it will be for our planet and the future generations who will live on it.

We work with:


Premium businesses

that are sustainable and responsible


Wellness brands

that strive to be transparent


Luxury hotels 

that want to cater to their clients' needs