Hello! I'm Rachida, and welcome to Green V PR. I’m a journalist and copywriter by trade, with over 10 years of experience in editorial and publishing. I’m proud to work with vegan businesses and the hospitality sector, focusing on promoting brands, hotels and locations as green, vegan and vegetarian-friendly and luxurious, as well as providing content and PR support to ethical and sustainable brands.

In addition to running Green Vie Magazine, I also have covered travel features in the very popular British magazine Vegan Food & Living, along with my monthly luxury vegan lifestyle column in the publication. Last year, I had the pleasure of speaking at Italy’s leading vegan event, Vegan Days, and I also moderated a debate at the European Parliament in Brussels all about plant-based meat alternatives.

It’s my mission to work with brands and hotels to help make travelling, shopping and eating out as a vegan, easier and more inclusive when going to non-specialist places.

I know how hard it can be as a business owner driven by a desire to make a positive change in the world, which is why I want to support both fledgling and mores established vegan businesses. 

Most people who land on this page what to know:

1) What I can help them with

2) How hands on my work is

3) If I do everything for them

4)What it’s going to cost        

Well, I can work with you in several ways:

I can do everything for you, or give you guidance so you can do it successfully yourself...


The Changemakers' Academy.jpg

...Or you can join my membership community

a 12-month programme designed to help vegan and ethical businesses get to grips with all things content-related.

From speaking to journalists, to getting your messaging right on your social media and blog articles, you're going to become a lean, mean publicity machine!

And what sets this programme apart from the rest, is that we are working together in more ways that one - we are all dedicated to creating positive change and effective impact in our niches.

Some of what you'll get:

A modular video and and written course, drip fed so you won't be overwhelmed

Weekly group Q&A calls with Rachida

A private Facebook support group

Weekly Office Hours, where you can ask for feedback and help

A community of like-minded business owners

The opportunity to have private 1:1 coaching sessions

The future is in our hands, and we as ethical business owners need to lead the way

 Only those on the VIP waitlist will get the invitation to join when we launch later this year

Content Creation (4).jpg

The 3rd option is that you can work at your own pace with my press release template guide and pitch suggestions each month

I'll send you a fill in the blanks press template along with topic suggestions a couple of months in advance, so you you can start to schmooze those journalists well in advance of those awareness days.

This option is exclusively for vegan businesses, so I can ensure that what I send you is appropriately targeted, especially for your niche.

On the first working day of every month, you'll receive your pitch template, along with your topic suggestions and list of awareness days - remember we're working on being an early bird, so in July, you'll get what will be relevant in September, and so on.

If you sign up before this, you'll be sent the current template that the pack received at the beginning of the month.

There will also be a Private Facebook group available so we can get to know each other and I'll be popping in to run through each email sent to you every month.

The first emails go out on 2 July, so sign up ready to receive your bundle of PR goodness!

I can help you feel more competent and make your publicity relevant to your business

I can help you create effective pitches to communicate with journalists

I can help you create an ethical vision that combines passion with profit


Meet Steven, who I've helped with content marketing and PR. His business has been featured in several publications, and is working with me to raise his profile as an ethical thought leader.

"The content marketing strategy that Rachida worked with us to create is beyond valuable. Having not spent much time at all in the past thinking about our marketing strategically, it has helped us bring some clarity and focus to our activities to make sure our time is being spent more efficiently. Rachida has always perfectly grasped what we do and what we're all about, so rather than just a generic strategy focusing on just the promotional aspects, she's worked with us on helping us to really understand how we can serve our customers better and connect with them in more meaningful ways. It makes a noticeable difference working with someone like Rachida who deeply cares about the ethical mission behind the brands she works withBesides anything else, working with Rachida is genuinely enjoyable and it's given our team a new sense of excitement around everything we're doing!"
Steven Foulkes, Director, MADE Diamonds


Book a free call with me today, and let’s see how I can help you.